Step-down transformer

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Current manufacturer information: Functional Devices model TR50VA008

Step-down transformer (480/277/240/208 to 120V)

208/240/277/480V to 120Vac, dual hub, 50VA UL Listed transformer. Used for monitoring 480V delta services and powering 120V accessories from higher voltage systems.

Transformers provided by eGauge are 50VA (50 watts limit at 1.0 power factor, lower wattage when power factor < 1). They are intended to be used for measurement and optional powering a small amount of equipment provided by eGauge. Attempting to supply loads ~50VA or higher will cause the transformer to trip and require a manual reset.


Full specs (data-sheet PDF)

  • VA Rating: 50
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Mounting: Foot & Dual Threaded Hubs
  • Over Current Protection: Circuit Breaker
  • Dimensions: 3.440 ̋ x 2.510 ̋ x 3.012 ̋ (w/ .500 ̋ NPT Hubs)
  • Wire Length: 9.5 ̋ Typical w/ .5 ̋ Strip
  • Operating Temperature: -30 to 140° F
  • MTBF: 100,000 Hours @ 77° F
  • Construction: Split-Bobbin
  • Weight: 3.04 lbs.
  • Approvals: UL5085-2 Listed General Purpose, US / Canada, CE, RoHS

Hardware included

  • Step-down transformer

Assembly/installation information

For 480V deltas, see 480V delta monitoring setup

Software configuration Information

For 480V deltas, see 480V delta monitoring setup


Spec Sheet

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