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DIN Rail Mounting Kit

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The DIN Rail Mounting Kit is used to attach the eGauge Core or Pro to a piece of DIN rail or another surface. The kit comes with one DIN clip that is screwed directly into the meter, one L-bracket for using the DIN clip at a 90-degree angle to the mounting surface, and all necessary screws to connect each piece.

Make sure to only use the included machine screws for mounting the DIN clip or bracket to the eGauge. Other screws could be too long and damage the meter.


eGauge Mouting Kit

Hardware included

  • 3x 6-32 x 3/16” Pan Head Machine Screws
  • 4x Silver Screws (for connecting eGauge meter to DIN clip or L-bracket)

  • EG4xxx DIN clip

  • EG4xxx L-bracket

Assembly/installation information

DIN Rail Mounting Kit video

Software configuration Information

Depending on the orientation the eGauge is installed, the LCD menu can be rotated using the LCD menu button to navigate to Settings -> Display -> Orientation. Orientation can be set to “normal”, “counter clock-wise”, “upside-down”, or “clockwise”. See LCD manual for LCD information