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Meter: eGauge Core Residential (HomePlug, discontinued)

This is a discontinued product. eGauge Systems no longer offers HomePlug-compatible devices. If wireless communication is required, please utilize the WiFi-enabled EG42xx series meter.

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Model: EG4115

The eGauge Core Residential (EG4115) is the Pro version of the EG4xxx meter line. It has 15 sensor inputs and integrated HomePlug power-line communication. See the Meter Comparison Chart for the different versions of the EG4xxx meter line and what is the best fit.

The eGauge Core Residential has integrated HomePlug (power-line) communication. If power-line communication is not needed, you may use the standard eGauge Core (EG4015) without power-line communication. eGauge Meter Comparison Chart for full side-by-side comparisons.

eGauge Core Residential (EG4115)


Full specs (data-sheet PDF)

3D CAD file (STEP format)
3D CAD file (legacy STEP format)

Measurements & Operation
  • AC Voltage: 277V L-N, 480V L-L
  • DC Voltage: +/- 60Vdc (9Vdc minimum to power)
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power Draw: 12W max, 2W typical
  • Accuracy: ANSI C12.2 - 0.5% Compliant
Data Logger Capacity
  • Most recent hour: 1-second granularity
  • Most recent year: 1-minute granularity
  • Most recent 10-years: 15-minute granularity
  • Lifetime: 1-day granularity
  • Homeplug AV: Compatible with HomePlug AV adapter within ~100. on same phase as L1 terminal
  • Ethernet: IEEE 802.3 - LAN
  • WiFi/Cell optional with third party hardware
Safety and Regulatory
  • Safety: IEC/UL 61010-1 Ed. 3.0 B:2010
  • CE
    • IEC 61000-6-1 Ed. 3.0 B:2016
    • IEC 61000-6-3 Ed. 2.1 B:2011
  • FCC
    • FCC Title 47 CFR Part 15-Subpart B Class B
    • ICES-003 Information Technology Equipment Class B
  • Operating Temperature: -30 to 70 deg C (-22 to 158 F)
  • Max Altitude 4000m (13,123ft)
  • Max Humidity: 80% up to 31 deg C
  • Measurement Category: Overvoltage Category III
  • Location: Open type indoor device
  • Pollution Degree: 2

Hardware included

Optional Common Hardware (not included)

Assembly/installation information

See the Installation Overview Tips to get started.


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