High-Accuracy AC Split-Core CTs (AccuCT)

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High-Accuracy AC Split-Core CTs work the same as standard AC Split-Core CTs but have C0.6 accuracy certifications. Some applications such as revenue billing may require C0.6 certified CTs to be used. For pricing and available models, see the online store.


C0.6 certified high-accuracy CTs



Full specs (data-sheet PDF)

  • Outstanding linearity and phase angle accuracy
  • 333.33 mVrms voltage output at rated full scale current
  • IEEE C57.13 and IEC 60044-1 accuracy: over full temperature range and down to 1% of rated current
  • Approvals: UL recognized, CE mark, RoHS
  • Accu-CT with C0.6 certificate required for revenue grade installations
  • 8' twisted pair lead with CT connector

Hardware included

  • 1x AccuCT split-core CT with built-in 8 foot leads and 2-pin plug affixed

Assembly/installation information

See the Installation Overview Tips to get started.