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​Monitoring 480V and 600V delta systems

  • Never attempt to connect the eGauge directly to a 480V delta or 600V delta service using the "Lx" and "N" terminals. 
  • Connecting an eGauge meter directly to a 480V delta or 600V delta service will destroy the meter. This is not covered under warranty.
  • The eGauge requires a connection to the "N" terminal, failing to connect a proper "N" can result in device damage.

The eGauge is capable of directly measuring voltages up to 277V L-N (480V L-L). In the case of a delta system with no neutral, the maximum phase-to-phase voltage is 277V as the "N" terminal of the meter has one of the line voltages connected.

A 480V or 600V delta without a neutral may be monitored by the eGauge using EV1000 High Voltage Sensors.

The below diagram shows a 480V delta system. 600V delta systems may be measured in an identical manner.



EV1000 high voltage sensors are CTid-compatible. See this article for instructions on configuring CTid-compatible sensors.

The register configuration for the example shown above is simply S1xS4 + S2xS5. Note that your configuration may differ depending on which ports are used.


Proper CT/phase pairing is required for accurate readings.