Business Hours, Contact and Holidays

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Normal Hours of Operation

eGauge Systems support and sales services are normally open between 9AM and 5PM Mountain Time, Monday through Friday.

Due to scheduled meetings, customer appointments and general ticket volume, service is not guaranteed at all times.


Please see our support and complimentary services policies at

2022 Holiday Closures

eGauge Systems is closed on the following days:

Feb 21st - President's Day (Monday)
April 18th - Easter (Monday)
May 30th - Memorial Day (Monday)
June 20th - Juneteenth (Monday)
July 4th - Independence Day (Monday)
Sep 5th- Labor Day (Monday)
Nov 24, 25 - Thanksgiving (Thursday/Friday)
Dec 26 - 30 - Monday through Friday, following holiday weekend (5 days)

Contact Methods

You can also submit a ticket by clicking the "New Ticket"  button in the lower right-hand side of the window!