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CT Extension Pack

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The eGauge CT Extension Pack can be used to extend CT leads in situations where soldering or butt-splice connections are not possible. CT leads should only be extended using twisted pair wiring and to a maximum recommended distance of 100 feet from the eGauge.  For more details please see:  Extending the Length of CT Leads

The eGauge CT Extension Kit is compatible with all eGauge meter models (eGauge2, EG30xx, EG4xxx)



Full specs (data-sheet PDF)

  • Convenient lever technology for easy tool-free connections
  • Supports conductors from 20 to 12 AWG
  • UL 600 V rated
  • −30 °C – 70 °C (−22 °F – 158 °F)
  • UL 486C
  • EN 60998

Hardware included

One extension pack comes with enough connectors to extend 5 CT leads.

  • 10x Wago 221-2401 Inline splicing connector with lever
  • 5x Wago 221-2502 Mounting carrier with strain relief

Assembly/installation information

Slide the splicing connectors into the mounting carriers by inserting them behind the arrow and gently sliding forward until they click into place.


Remove the 2-pin connector from the CT lead and prep the lead to a strip length of 11mm/0.43". Insert one of the stripped wire ends into one end of an inline splicing connector.


Lift the lever to insert the CT lead and lower the lever to secure the connection. You should use 1 inline connector per lead wire, using 2 inline connectors and 1 carrier to extend a single CT lead.


Strip the ends of the extension wiring to the appropriate length and connect to the other side of the inline splicing connectors in the same way.  Be sure to line up black and white lead wires to the same inline connector.


Attach the green 2-pin CT connector to the other end of the CT extension wiring and plug into the eGauge making sure to keep black and white wiring consistent throughout.  Once assembled, give the wires a light pull to be certain that they're securely seated under the closed levers.

Multiple carriers can be connected together if needed using the side-by-side latches on the carriers. The carriers can be mounted or secured as desired.