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EG30xx and eGauge2 (Legacy Meters)

EG30xx and eGauge2 are older legacy model eGauges. The current version of the eGauge meters are EG4xxx (eGauge Core and eGauge Pro). Documentation for legacy meters may be found here.

This page covers some of the differences between legacy models and the current model.

eg30xx-purple.png eg30xx-blue.png
Model: EG30xx (Purple Label) Model: EG30xx (Blue Label)
Model: eGauge2 (note: no Ethernet port)


Current firmware is available to install on legacy meters. Most features on current firmware are available on legacy model eGauges such as eGauge2 and EG30xx series. TheĀ firmware may be upgraded through Tools -> Firmware Upgrade.

Differences between older models


Legacy units do not fully support modern encryption. See the legacy meter Encryption Support documentation for more information.

Sensor Compatibility

EG4xxx are CTid-compatible and can take supported sensors other than CTs. EG4xxx can also detect CTid-enabled CTs and populate CT configuration information from these sensors. EG30xx and eGauge2 do not have CTid capabilities.


EG4xxx and EG3xxx meters have Ethernet, eGauge2 units only have HomePlug 1.0 (discontinued).


eGauge2 meters use HomePlug 1.0 (discontinued). EG301x and EG41xx utilize the current version of HomePlug AV.USB

EG4xxx has dual USB connections for supported USB devices. EG30xx and eGauge2 do not have USB.


EG4xxx has an LCD display screen and toggle switch to display meter information and perform basic actions. EG30xx and eGauge2 do not have an LCD screen but instead a status LED. For more information regarding the LCD please see: EG4xxx LCD Manual

Number of inputs

EG4xxx has either 15 or 30 sensor inputs (CT ports). EG30xx and eGauge2 have 12.

DC input

The EG4xxx has a DC voltage input for power and/or measurement, +/- 60Vdc. EG30xx and eGauge2 do not.

Other hardware improvements

There are miscellaneous improvements to the eGauge hardware and design in EG4xxx such as more powerful processor, more isolation between high voltage and low voltage systems, an optional "high gain" mode to increase CT sensitivity by 10x. Other hardware aspects have been improved, but don't show in general day-to-day use.