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Power Whip (208V or 277V)

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The Power Whip is an installation component used to connect the eGauge meter to a breaker panel.

Each Power Whip includes a 5-pin Power Plug and four 8’ lengths of THHN #12 stranded copper wire for Neutral, L1, L2 and L3.

Available in 208V (white, black, red blue) and 277V (white, yellow, orange, brown).


eGauge Power Whip


  • 5-pin power plug (heat shrinking around wire terminations)
  • 4x 8' segments of THHN #12 wire (NEC color coded for US voltage)
  • THHN #12 stranded copper wire
  • 208V Coloring scheme:
    208V Color Connection
    White Neutral
    Black L1
    Red L2
    Blue L3
  • 277V Coloring scheme:
    277V Color Connection
    White Neutral
    Yellow L1
    Orange L2
    Brown L3
  • 240V or 208V single-phase coloring scheme:
    Single-phase Color Connection
    White Neutral
    Black L1
    Red L2
    Blue [REMOVED]

Assembly/installation information

The 5-pin power plug is connected to the 4 segments of wire with heat shrinking at the base. Trim the wire segments to length and connect the appropriate colors to the correct breaker and neutral connections. Insert the 5-pin power plug to eGauge when complete.

If the 208V whip is used on a single-phase 208V or 240V system, the blue wire (L3) should be removed from the whip assembly.

eGauge 5-pin power plug