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Powered Enclosure Kit (277/480VAC)

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SKU: PEK-277/PEK-277-XL

The Powered Enclosure Kit is designed for installation of the eGauge Meter on a 277/480V service where 120V is needed for third party hardware.

The kit comes with components that complement the eGauge main unit, decreasing installation time and reducing complexity. Compatible with 277/480V. Includes 277V:120V step-down transformer for powering 120V accessories.

277/480VAC Powered Enclosure Kit

Hardware included

Contains (unassembled):

  • NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure, hinged, lockable
    • Regular: 14 in. x 12 in. x 6 in.
    • Extra Large: 16 in. x 14 in. x 7 in.
  • DIN Power distribution block
    • 1x 120V power plug receptacle
    • 1x Terminal cover plate
    • 2x Terminal endstops
    • 5x Terminal blocks
  • Wire set (15’ each; black, red, blue, white)
  • eGauge Mounting Kit
    • 3x 6-32 x 3/16” Pan Head Machine Screws
    • 4x Silver Screws (for connecting eGauge meter to DIN clip or L-bracket)
    • EG4xxx DIN clip
    • EG4xxx L-bracket
  • 2x DIN rail lengths
  • Potential Transformer with DIN rail mounting clip
  • Mounting plate for transformer

Assembly/installation information

277V Powered Enclosure Kit installation guide


Regular: 14"x12"x6" Enclosure spec sheet

Extra large: 16"x14"x7" Enclosure spec sheet