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What CT do I choose from the CT drop-down selection?

You may also wish to refer to our CT Selection Guide for additional information.  For firmware versions prior to v2.16, the CT is identified by the amperage rating of the installed CT (not the amperage rating of the circuit being monitored). Starting in firmware v2.16, each supported CT has its own drop-down menu selection. Firmware v3.02 added a 2-letter manufacturer prefix to the beginning of each entry. The CT drop-down menu format on firmware v3.02 and later is as follows:

[MFG] 2-letter manufacturer code (see below table)
[MODEL] Model of the CT (see below table)
[SIZE_MM] CT inner-diameter in millimeters
[SIZE_IN] CT inner-diameter in inches
[AMPERAGE] CT amperage rating


MFG Code Description
CC Continental Control Systems
ML Magnelab
AE AccuEnergy
RCT Rogowski coil (rope CT)
CR CR Magnetics


MODEL Description
JS Split-core CT
JRFS Rogowski coil (rope CT)
ACT High-accuracy split-core CT
SCT Split-core CT
RCT Rogowski coil (rope CT)
CR Solid-core DC CT
CRS Split-core DC CT

For example, a 100A 0.94" J&D split-core CT (eGauge SKU JD-SCT-024-0100) should be configured as:

JD JS 24mm/0.94" 100A