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How do I check HomePlug communication speed?

If the eGauge interface can be accessed, it is possible to view the HomePlug communication speed. Navigate to Settings -> HomePlug or use this link: (replacing DEVNAME with the device name of your eGauge). This will show the transmission speed (TX) and receiving speed (RX) of any HomePlug devices within range of the eGauge (including other eGauge meters and third party products also using PLC communication). The page refreshes every ten seconds. 

Sample HomePlug Communication Speed Readout

Ideally, the HomePlug communication speed should be above 2.0Mbps for both TX and RX. A speed of 9.0Mbps is the upper limit for communication speed. Speeds below 2.0Mbps can result in connectivity issues and timeouts when attempting to view data on the eGauge. Note that the RX speed will show as N/A on older eGauge2 models.

 EG41xx meters utilizing the Go Proxy after January 2024 can display this information using: