eGauge Meter Communication

Covers meter communication options, including Modbus TCP/RTU, BACnet, and remote eGauge meters.


eGauge has a free XML-format API for requesting data


eGauge meters can read and output Modbus RTU and TCP


eGauge meters can output BACnet information via MS/TP and IP (UDP)

Serial and USB485

General USB485 and serial information

HomePlug power-line communication

All about HomePlug power-line communication

Network Connections

The eGauge meter can be connected to a users TCP/IP network using Ethernet, HomePlug, or WiFi com...

eGauge Proxy Server Security and Functionality

Overview The eGauge proxy server allows easy remote access to the eGauge webserver interface. ...

Configuring a remote eGauge

Best practice is to set up all the registers on all devices before attempting to pull registers f...

Configuring a USB WiFi dongle

The EG4xxx, with an attached supported USB WiFi dongle, can be configured to connect to a WiFi ne...

Comparison of Communication Options

EG41xx meters with built-in HomePlug communication have been discontinued. If HomePlug communicat...

Custom HTTPS certificates (EG4xxx only)

Starting in firmware v4.2 a custom HTTPS certificate may be uploaded to the meter and used for lo...