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Configuring a USB WiFi dongle

The EG4xxx, with an attached supported USB WiFi dongle, can be configured to connect to a WiFi network. There are two methods of connecting the eGauge to a WiFi network.

WPS push-button pairing.

The EG4xxx LCD screen has the ability to pair to a WiFi network using WPS push-button pairing. To push-button pair the eGauge with a compatible WiFi router:

1) Initiate the WPS pairing process on the wireless router. Often, this is done by holding a button on the back of the router for 1 to 10 seconds. Consult your router documentation for more information on whether it is available and how to perform it. Do not push any buttons on the wireless router without consulting the manual first, as it's possible a push-button action can cause a factory reset which may lead to internet loss!

2) Initiate the WPS pairing process on the EG4xxx LCD screen by navigating to Settings -> Wireless -> WPS Setup. When successful, the LCD screen will indicate the network it paired with.


Manually entering SSID and password.

If WPS push-button pairing is unavailable, the eGauge may be manually configured to connect to a wireless network. To configure the wireless network:

1) Obtain the SSID (wireless network name) and password from the administrator. Note the SSID and password are case-sensitive, so it is important to verify the exact WiFi network name and password.

2) Connect to the eGauge interface either over a local area network or directly connected via Ethernet.

3) Navigate to Settings -> WLAN. Locate the WiFi network name (in this example, eGaugeWiFi), and choose "Select", enter the WiFi network password and press OK.

4) Once connected, the wireless network will appear highlighted in green.