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Connection Quality

The eGauge can record network connection quality as a percentage value (0..100). This information is displayed on the Status page ( where DEVNAME is the device name of your eGauge meter) under "Connection Quality" by default, but historical values are not stored. Storing network connection quality as a register may be useful for certain types of troubleshooting (for example, to determine if the HomePlug signal is interrupted by a certain piece of equipment turning on/off). Note that this value updates once a minute (not necessarily at the top of the minute).

For devices sold after January 1, 2024 this information can be seen at: where DEVNAME is the device name of your eGauge meter.

To record network connection quality:

Navigate to Settings -> Installation

Under Registers, click the "Add Registers" button

Name the register as appropriate

Using the dropdown menu, change the register type from "P" to "="

A second dropdown menu will appear.  Select the unit type to "number"

In the formula field, enter the following: conn_qual() (note that nothing should be entered between the parentheses)

Click "Save" at the bottom of the page when finished (valid credentials required)

Sample Connection Quality register using conn_qual()

Note that this function is available on the EG30xx and EG4xxx hardware. It is not available on the eGauge2. conn_qual() tracks the connection quality of whatever network interface is in use, and does not need to be modified or adjusted if the network interface is changed (for example, if switching from HomePlug to Ethernet communication). As with all physical registers, conn_qual() will only start recording data from the time it is created.