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Configuring Unsupported CTs

Custom CT size scale factor Calculation

Always use caution when choosing to use unsupported CTs with the eGauge meter. Supported sensors are always preferred and will yield the most accurate results.

eGauge Systems cannot guarantee accuracy or safety when using unsupported CTs. Do not connect current output CTs to the sensor ports.

Please refer to section B.6 of your owner's manual for details on choosing compatible CTs.

EG4xxx meters:

-20669.22 / CT_AMPS = SCALE_FACTOR

EG30xx and eGauge2 meters:

The general format for calculating a custom CT scale factor is:


For example:

1227 / 600 = 2.045

This is not exact, as we test each CT specifically. Also, if the CT polarity is reversed on the custom CT, the scale factor will need to be negated.

Configure the CT as in the example below using your calculated scale factor: