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(Legacy) Multitech Cell Modem Troubleshooting

The MultiTech cell modem is used with some eGauge installations to provide cellular Internet access in locations where wired Internet is not a viable option. The troubleshooting guide covers aspects of the modem configuration as they pertain to usage with an eGauge. eGauge does not directly support all aspects of the MultiTech cell modem - queries above and beyond what are covered in the document below should be addressed to MultiTech directly.

WARNING: This article covers the older Multitech MTR-H5 3G-only modem. eGauge now uses the 4G LTE MTE-LAT2-B07. 

Instructions in this article should not be used with the newer Multitech MTE-LAT2-B07 modems. Please see the new MTE-LAT2-B07 troubleshooting information if using the MTE-LAT2-B07 cellular modem.