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Dashboard control of PRM3

eGauge meter Dashboard Control

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A "Switch" can be toggled to control the relay when connected to the eGauge via USB by using the Mobile-Friendly dashboard interface.

  1. From the classic interface, click View -> Mobile Friendly.
  2. Use the 3-dot menu, click View -> Dashboard to load the Dashboard interface.
  3. Edit the dashboard to add a new dashlet.
  4. Choose "Switch":


  5. Exit the editing mode on the dashboard and click the newly added dashlet to configure it.
  6. Click the drop-down for "Relay to control" and choose the PRM3, which relays the switch should control and the icon. Split-phase loads with a single hot and neutral will use 1 relay inputs, single-phase loads with 2 hots will use 2 relay inputs, and three-phase loads will use all 3 relay inputs.


  7. The selected relay(s) can now be toggled by clicking the slider button under the icon: