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eGauge Graph Averaging

The graph on the main page of the eGauge has a limited horizontal resolution, based on the size of the window and the horizontal resolution of the screen the eGauge interface is viewed on. This means that only a limited number of data points can be present on the screen at a given time. On a longer view period, the eGauge will automatically average data points so the entire data range can be presented. This has the effect of "flattening" peaks and valleys on the graph. This effect becomes more noticeable the longer the view period. In order to see the data represented at maximum granularity, zoom in on a particular section (for example, a given monthly billing period). 

Note that this scaling behavior does not modify stored data.

A one day view. Note the highest peak (May 22) is approximately 7kW.


Data from the same device, in a one month view. Note the highest peak on May 22 is now less than 3kW.