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USB Data Exports through LCD

Data can be exported directly from eGauge 4xxx meters using a USB mass storage device. These exports automatically contain day-granular data. All data from epoch (the date set in "Date and Time Recording Started" under Settings -> General Settings) until the date and time the export was initiated is copied. 

To select a specific granularity or time range (or otherwise automate USB exports), an file must be created and loaded on the USB mass storage device (this article has more information).

To begin the process, insert a mass storage device formatted as EXT3 or VFAT. The "Storage Menu" will appear. Menu navigation is performed using the multiswitch button. Moving the switch left or right will change the selected option. Pushing the multiswitch in will confirm the selection. "Export data" should be highlighted by default. To begin the export, push the multiswitch in:

Once the export has begun, the screen will read "export started". The export process takes a variable amount of time depending on the amount of data present on the eGauge.

Once the export has finished, the screen will read "export finished". The "OK" option will be highlighted. Push the multiswitch in to acknowledge.

After acknowledging the export, the "Storage Menu" will appear again. Move the switch left or right until "Exit & Eject" is highlighted. Push the multiswitch in to select this option.

Once the main LCD menu appears, the USB mass storage device can be safely removed.