Resetting an eGauge password through eGuard

You will need to have an installer account set up in eGuard or register your device before resetting your password. See this article for more information on registration and password reset.

Provided an eGauge is online and connected to the proxy server, remote password resets can be performed through eGuard (available at  Note that an account at is required, and the eGuard user must have manager or administrator access to the device in their eGuard group. Also note that eGuard is only intended for use by customers managing large numbers of eGauge devices. End users should refer to this article, which contains instructions on how to contact eGauge support directly.

In order to change a password through eGuard:

Login at using the green "Log In" button at the top of the page

Once logged in, the button at the top of the page will change to a dropdown menu containing your username.  From this dropdown menu, select "My Portfolio".  A list of devices will appear.  Locate the device on which you wish to change the password.  For larger lists of devices, it may be necessary to use the eGuard search functionality to narrow down the list of displayed devices.

eGuard Search Field

eGuard Search Field


Once you have located your device, click the blue notepad icon under the "Name" column, to the left of the device name.  Do not click the device name itself.  This will open the Device Page for that eGauge.


eGauge Device Page Icons


Near the top left of the Device Page, there should be a dark blue "Reset Password" button.  If you do not see this button, your username does not have the appropriate permission level to change device passwords.  

Reset Password Button


On clicking the "Reset Password" button, a dialog box will appear.  From the dropdown menu, select the username you wish to perform a password reset on.

Click "Submit".  The dialog box will disappear, and a new line will appear at the top of the Device Page containing a temporary password.  This password should be changed as soon as possible.


Sample password reset message

Sample Successful Password Reset Message