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eGuard: Groups

eGuard has a hierarchical group structure. Devices exist in a top-level group or sub-group of a top-level group. Sub-groups are separated by the parent group with a colon. There is no defined limit for the number of sub-groups that can exist.

An eGuard user may have access to multiple top-level groups and sub-groups, if for example they manage devices for multiple companies.



From main eGuard Portfolio view

The above image, taken from the main eGuard Portfolio view, shows 6 devices. They all exist under the Sunnyvale top-level group. There are 4 devices in two sub-groups: "Main Housing" and "Shared Space 1" are both sub-groups to Sunnyvale.

Groups Management Page

The Groups Management Page can be found in eGuard at the top tab bar.


eGuard Groups Management Page

The top page allows you to set a default group to display in the Portfolio view if you have access to multiple groups, or you have multiple sub-groups of devices.

Create Group

Here you can create sub-groups in any of the groups you administrate. Sub-groups can be created under sub-groups.

For example, this would create a sub-group "East" under the "Main Housing" sub-group of Sunnyvale:


There would now be a group called Sunnyvale: Main Housing: East


Descriptive Example of hierarchy

Fruit: Pear
Fruit: Apple: Fiji
Vegetable: Garlic
Vegetable: Lettuce
Vegetable: Lettuce: Iceberg
Vegetable: Lettuce: Romaine

Here, Fruit is the parent to Pear, and Fruit is also the parent to Apple (it is a top-level group). If a user has access rights to group Fruit, those access rights also apply to Pear and Apple, and any sub-groups of those such as Fiji. No access to Vegetable or the sub-groups of Vegetable are granted.

If a user has access rights to Pear, those rights would not apply to Apple Or Fiji or any devices directly under Fruit.

Similarly, a user with rights to Fiji would have no rights to devices under Pear or Apple or Fruit, only access to those devices under the Fiji sub-group.


Fruit contains no devices in the Vegetable group. Vegetable: Garlic is separate from Vegetable: Lettuce and all its sub-groups of Iceberg and Romaine.


A user can have access to any mixture of sub-groups with different permissions. For example, a user can have administrative access over devices in Vegetable: Lettuce and also have management access to Fruit: Apple. They would not have access to devices directly in Fruit, Fruit: Pear, Vegetable, and Vegetable: Garlic.