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eGuard: Sites

Sites allow for a grouping of devices based on location, and has fields to add information relevant to that
particular location, geared towards solar production. Multiple devices can be added to a single Site where they can easily be cross-referenced for troubleshooting or other purposes. Devices can be added or removed from Sites as needed.

The eGuard Sites page can be through eGuard at the top tab bar.


Main eGuard Site View

From this page, you can create a new site, expand and edit an existing site under "Your Sites", or quickly link a device to an existing site on the right-hand side of the page.

Creating a site

To create a new site, click the large "Create Site" button at the top.

"Create Site" view

Here you may enter various information about the site. When finished, locate your device using the "Link Device to This Site" entry.

Editing and Updating Sites

Locate the site of interest in the eGuard Sites page, and click on the name to expand it. Here you can quickly remove devices from the site. You may also edit the site information by clicking the Edit button above the information. You can add additional sites by clicking the "Edit" link:


Site Information Expanded


When editing a site, you may update any of the information, unlink devices, and link new devices to the site by using the "Link new device" on the right-hand side. If the site is deleted, all devices are unlinked.

Edit Site page