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(EG4xxx) How do I change what registers display on my LCD?

The EG4xxx model eGauges have a built-in LCD display. One of the features is that it will "scroll though" and display instantaneous and cumulative values for existing registers. By default, instantaneous and cumulative values for all configured and newly added registers will be displayed in the rotating LCD list.

To configure which registers appear on the LCD, navigate to Settings -> LCD. In the below example, Generation is not selected because there is no generation, and the cumulative value for "Voltage L1" is not displayed because volt-hour values are not useful. The "Usage", "Grid" and "Subpanel 1" registers will all display the instantaneous (kW) and cumulative (kWh) values in the LCD display.

Note that some register types may not make much sense when displayed as cumulative values (voltage) or instantaneous values (pulse counts). This tool allows the user to set which registers are displayed, and whether those registers show cumulative, instantaneous, or both values. This tool does not have any impact on the data displayed on the main graph page, and does not effect the data recorded by the eGauge. This feature is exclusive to EG4xxx models.

The full LCD manual may be found here.