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How do I clear browser cache and/or stored credentials?

In some instances (including upgrading from a firmware version older than 2.15) the eGauge interface may not load correctly. Should this happen, the first troubleshooting step is clearing browser cache. Browser cache is data stored by the web browser to increase the loading speed of a webpage. However, this can have the effect of forcing the browser to use older data. In essence, part of the web page is out of date, which causes (among other things) graphical issues. Devices with firmware 2.15 or newer should not have this issue.

Most modern browsers will attempt to store website credentials. If credentials that do not have the authorization to make changes are stored (for example, if a password was typed incorrectly), the eGauge interface will show the error "Sorry, you are not authorized to make this change." instead of prompting for a username and password when settings are changed. If this message appears without entering credentials, then the browser is providing incorrect credentials to the eGauge.  To resolve this, the credentials must be cleared from browser memory.

To clear browser cache and/or stored credentials:

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete (Cmd+Shift+Delete on Mac)
  • Select the item(s) to clear
  • Click the appropriate button to clear the selected item(s)

Note that some browsers (for example, mobile browsers) may have a different process. It may be necessary to search for browser-specific instructions if the steps above do not work. See the tutorial document below for more information: