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Connecting unsupported sensors to the meter inputs

Current Transducers

EG4xxx meters are certified to be used with current transducers (CTs) as described in section B.6 of the EG4xxx Owner's Manual. Only CTs tested by eGauge Systems are supported. Visit the online store for currently available CTs and sensors. A full list of CTs, including legacy CTs that may not be fully supported or available anymore may be found here. Sensors that do not output a 333mV signal (such as 0-5A, 4-20mA, or 0-5V) may damage the meter and connected sensors.

Other Environmental Sensors

EG4xxx meters are compatible with other CTid-enabled sensors made by eGauge Systems. Visit the Environmental, Analog and Other Sensors chapter for a list of all compatible sensors, including 4-20mA input, temperature, and pulse sensors.


An alternative to connecting physical sensors directly to the eGauge meter is by utilizing sensors with Modbus output. For example, the eGauge meter can bring in solar irradiance, wind, and temperature using the IMT Weather Station via Modbus RTU. EG4xxx meters support reading data from Modbus RTU (serial) and Modbus TCP (Ethernet) devices and have SunSpec support.

Legacy Meters

EG30xx meters are only compatible with CTs listed in B.6 of the EG30xx Owner's Manual. No other sensor types may be connected to the inputs of this or older line of meters. However, EG30xx meters may read remote device data using Modbus TCP in the same way EG4xxx meters do.