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eGauge Meter Communication

eGauge meters can output BACnet information via MS/TP and IP (UDP)

Can the HomePlug adapter be connected to a power strip?

eGauge Meter Communication HomePlug power-line communication

HomePlug adapters should be connected directly into a wall outlet. If that is not an option, it i...

Why do I get the error "Sorry, you are not authorized to make this change"?


This occurs when the username and password entered is valid, but the eGauge doesn't accept those ...

How do I change the color or style of my lines?


The default colors for Usage and Generation can be changed from the Preferences menu, under Setti...

CT selection guide

CT FAQs and other information

In this article... Introduction Interpreting CT models and SKUs Determining how many CTs to u...

What CT do I choose from the CT drop-down selection?


You may also wish to refer to our CT Selection Guide for additional information.  For firmware ve...

What password do I use to save a change to the settings?


For meters purchased on or after Jan 2021: Meters shipped after January 2021 will come with a ra...

How does proxy server connectivity work?


For more information about the proxy server see this article. Information about all network conne...

How do I check HomePlug communication speed?

eGauge Meter Communication HomePlug power-line communication

If the eGauge interface can be accessed, it is possible to view the HomePlug communication speed....

How do I configure a static IP address?


If in doubt, a static IP address is most likely not required. eGauge support can assist with sett...

Checking and upgrading firmware

eGauge Meter UI

Table of Contents OverviewChecking Current Firmware VersionUpdating FirmwareVideo TutorialUpdati...

Panel phasing and eGauge installation

eGauge Installation

Correct phasing (associating a CT with the correct voltage reference) is a critical component of ...

What are some causes of HomePlug communication issues?

eGauge Meter Communication HomePlug power-line communication

Note that a combination of the issues below may be involved with any communication problem. Also,...

Serial and USB485

eGauge Meter Communication

General USB485 and serial information

How much data (bandwidth) does the eGauge use?


The eGauge meter stores all data locally on the device itself, meaning it does not need to be con...

(EG4xxx) How do I interpret the status toolbar on the LCD?


The status toolbar at the top of the LCD display provides a quick overview of device status. When...

Can I connect to the eGauge without a network?


You may also refer to the complete guide, Directly Connecting to the eGauge Below are the recomm...


eGauge Meter UI Mobile and NG interface

Overview Available in firmware v4.1 and newer, the eGauge interface has a new mobile-friendly da...

What settings should I avoid changing?


The eGauge has a number of settings which can be modified by the end user. Some of these are rela...

Zero out data/spikes tutorial

Advanced eGauge Operation

Devices on firmware older than version 3.01 may experience a phenomenon where register configurat...

What is excess?


Excess is a value that results from a master eGauge losing contact with certain remote registers,...

Sensor Hub and Sensors

eGauge Installation

Mobile and NG interface

eGauge Meter UI


Advanced eGauge Operation

All about eGauge Alert functionality

USB thumb-drive functionality

Advanced eGauge Operation

eGauge Core/Pro have USB and thumb-drive storage functionality

I've erased all of my data, how can I get it back?


Overview From firmware version 3.6.3 onward, the eGauge meter will ask the user whether they wan...