What does the message "Error: Failed to save epoch." mean?

When attempting to save settings, the following error message may appear:

Rebooting the meter first is recommended, as this usually resolves the issue. The eGauge should also be on the latest firmware, so a firmware upgrade may be necessary.

This error message can appear when either of two conditions are met:

1. The date in the "Date & time when recording started" field under Settings -> General Settings is older than the database capacity of the eGauge. 

To correct this, set the "Date & time when recording started" field to a time more recent that the limit of the database capacity. To check your database capacity, append /cgi-bin/get?db to the end of the eGauge URL. For example: http://DEVNAME.egaug.es/cgi-bin/get?db (replace DEVNAME with the device name of the eGauge). Note that this may not work on older firmware.


2. The date in the "Date & Time" field under Settings -> Date & Time is set to a point in the future. 

To correct this, set the "Date & Time" to the current date and time as displayed on your computer. If the eGauge is connected to an NTP server this setting does not have to be precise; as long as the date and time is within a few minutes of the actual date and time the eGauge will automatically correct the offset.




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