eGauge App Overview (Android and IOS)


eGauge Systems offers a mobile app for accessing and viewing meter data. The app is free and available on Android and iOS. 

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This article is intended to provide a basic overview of the app functionality. For additional information on the mobile-friendly view (app style layout available in a standard desktop browser) see this article

For best results, use firmware v4.5 or newer with Modern Interface support. See the latest firmware version and the changes here.


Initial Setup

Navigating the App

App Settings

Alert Settings

Navigating the Mobile UI

Initial Setup

On first launch, the eGauge app will prompt the user to add a device. Assuming the mobile device running the app (phone or tablet) is on the same network as an eGauge meter, that meter will appear in the list of local devices. However, if no devices are present in the list it may be necessary to add the device manually by entering the device name in the eGauge app. In the screenshot below, no local devices are visible and so "eGauge52002" is being added manually.

Partial names are not accepted. The entered device name must be complete. Capitalization is ignored.


Once a device has been selected or manually entered, press the "Continue" button. The app will attempt to establish a connection to the specified device. If it is successful, the user will see the following page:


Nickname - Friendly nickname for the meter. Only applies to the app (does not change the public device name of the eGauge meter).

Favorite - Adds this meter to the list of favorites. This list allows the user to rapidly switch between meters of interest.

Automatically connect on startup - automatically opens this specific meter when the app is started. The most recent meter added with this option will become the meter which loads on startup (replacing the previous meter set to load on startup).

Connect now - connects to the newly added meter after the meter is added (by clicking "Done").

Make the appropriate selections and click "Done". Assuming "Connect now" was selected, the newly added meter will load. The user will be prompted to enter valid credentials for that meter. If "Remember me" is selected, the app will store these credentials and the user won't be prompted to enter them again.


After providing valid credentials, the meter UI will load. By default, the user will be presented with the Chart view.