Power Register Subtypes

By default, the eGauge will record Power registers as the "Net" (=) subtype. This means the register will record power flow in both directions. Positive readings will be graphed as a green line, and negative readings as a red line.

However, it is possible to record other subtypes as well. Some of these are needed for basic calculations (such as positive-only subtypes) while others can be used in advanced calculations (the apparent power subtype). The full list is below:

Power Register Subtypes

To select a power register subtype, click the small box containing the "=" sign that appears to the right of the "P" indicating a power register. Select the appropriate subtypes and click the OK button. Subtypes are named based on the original (net) power register's name and their subtype sign. For example, a power register named "Grid" recording net, apparent, and positive-only power would exist as "Grid", "Grid*", and "Grid+". Each subtype selection uses an additional register in the eGauge database.

Grid Register with Multiple Subtypes


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