RJ-11 wiring between Sensor Hub and Sensors

Please visit this article for general information on the eGauge Sensor Hub and compatible sensors.

RJ-11 cables come in two varieties: "straight-through" and "reverse". Reverse is generally used in telephone systems, but the eGauge Sensor Hub uses "straight through" which is different. Using the incorrect style will result in failure to power the sensor and may lead to damage.

The Sensor Hub uses "straight through" RJ-11 cables to connect the Sensor Hub to a powered sensor. This differs from "reversed" RJ-11 cables that are commonly used in telephone connections. It is a common misconception on which style is straight-through and reversed.

If using a cable that did not come with the sensor purchased from eGauge Systems, please ensure the wiring is done as "straight through" as depicted below.



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