Twisted Pair Wire

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18ga black and white twisted pair wire for extending CT leads or other signal wiring. Twisted pair wire is 18 AWG rated at 600V. Wire is sold without connectors or other hardware.

CTs may also be extended without splices or soldering using the eGauge Sensorhub as a CT extension kit.

If extending CTs, do not use wire nuts to connect extensions. Wire nuts will degrade and interfere with the low-voltage CT signals.


Hardware included

Assembly/installation information

For extending CT leads:

  1. Remove the existing 2 pin CT plug from the CT lead.
  2. Splice in the required length of twisted pair wire. Soldering the splices is recommended (butt splice connectors are a secondary option).
  3. Reattach the 2 pin CT plug. Ensure the polarity on the plug is correct.

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