Temperature Probe Sensor (ETN100)

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Model: ETN100

Requires the eGauge Sensor Hub and eGauge model EG4xxx (Pro or Core), not compatible with older model units.

When monitoring input/output temperatures, it is best to purchase multiple probes in the same order for highest accuracy.

Only use straight-through RJ-11 cables to connect powered sensors to the Sensor Hub. Telephone systems generally use "reverse" style RJ-11 cables which are incompatible with the Sensor Hub. See this article for more information on verifying the correct RJ-11 wiring. Every Sensor Hub compatible sensor sold by eGauge Systems comes with a straight-through RJ-11 cable.

The eGauge Temperature Probe Sensor is used in conjunction with the Sensor Hub and an EG4xxx model meter (Core or Pro) to to log temperature data. The Temperature Probe Sensor is used for precision fluid temperature measurement (through thermowell) and precision ambient temperature measurement from 0 °C to 100 °C. For ambient temperature monitoring,
see the Ambient Temperature Sensor (ETLW).

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