HomePlug AV Adapter (TRENDnet TPL-406E)

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Current manufacturer information: TRENDnet model TPL-406E

The HomePlug AV adapter is used by compatible eGauge models to bring network communication over the existing building power lines. The HomePlug AV adapter plugs directly into a 120V outlet, connects to the router/switch using Ethernet, and allows compatible eGauge models to communicate over the the building's electrical wiring.



Full specs (data-sheet PDF)

Hardware included

Assembly/installation information

  1. Connect the HomePlug adapter to an outlet powered by the same phase as the eGauge L1 near the network router/switch.
  2. Connect the Ethernet from the HomePlug adapter to the network router/switch.
  3. All HomePlug devices and eGauge meters come with the same default encryption key of "HomePlugAV", and should link up if they have not been modified or paired with the push button pairing process.

Software configuration Information

The HomePlug adapter and eGauge can be paired with a unique encryption key. See this article for more information.


Related Information

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