Cellular Modem (Multitech MTE-LAT6-B07)

The Multitech cellular offering has been replaced by the Inhand Networks IR615 cellular modem starting in November 2020.

  • Starting May 2022, cellular plans using the fast.t-mobile.com APN must have a new SIM card and new APN configured for continued service. The new APN is iot.tmowholesale and requires a new SIM card to be installed. Please follow the SIM card installation and Initial Configuration instructions in the Multitech setup instructions article.
  • Old SIM cards will not function after May 2022 and can be identified by having a pink T-Mobile logo on it. The new/current SIM cards are white and do not have any branding on them.

Current manufacturer information: Multitech model MTE-LAT6-B07

A compatible T-Mobile dataplan can be purchased through eGauge Systems. eGauge cannot guarantee support for dataplans from other parties.

Metered (not unlimited) data plans can accrue charges for data overages. eGauge recommends against using metered data plans without extensive testing for data usage. Data usage is not fully predictable and will greatly vary with interface access. See this article for additional information on data usage.

The Multitech cellular modem is a cellular to Ethernet modem that can provide the eGauge unit with internet access on a 4G LTE T-Mobile or AT&T network.