AC Split-Core CTs with CTid

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  • These are the new CTid-enabled CTs produced by eGauge Systems. An EG4xxx series meter is required for CTid functionality.
  • The CTs rated current should be the smallest available rating that is at least as high as the maximum current of the rated circuit.
  • The CTs may not be installed in equipment where they exceed 75% of the wiring space of any cross-sectional area within the equipment.
  • Do not install CTs where they may block ventilation openings.
  • Do not install CTs in the area of breaker arc venting.
  • Not suitable for Class 2 wiring methods.
  • Not intended for connection to Class 2 equipment.

The ECS20 series CTs may be used to measure bare (non insulated) conductors and on service entrance conductors.

AC split-core CTs measures the amperage of a conductor on an AC (alternating current) system. Combined with voltage measurements, this allows calculation of power and energy values. AC CTs provided by eGauge are split-core, meaning they can be wrapped around a conductor instead of having to disconnect the conductor and feed it through the CT.

The eGauge ECS20 CT series have CTid technology and contain a locator LED that can be blinked to identify which CT is connected to a given sensor port. This is useful if the CT leads cannot be traced.

eGauge ECS20 CTs are also UL2808 certified and may be used on bare metal or insulated wires up to 600V in Category IV environments.

ECS20 CTs are available with 1% accuracy (ECS20-xxx) and 0.5% accuracy (ECS20-xxx-R).