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Cellular Modem (Inhand Networks IR615)

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Inhand Networks IR615 is a cellular to Ethernet modem that can provide the eGauge unit and related supported equipment with internet access on a 4G LTE T-Mobile network.

A compatible T-Mobile dataplan can be purchased through eGauge Systems. eGauge cannot guarantee support for dataplans from other parties. eGauge supplied data plans are for use with eGauge meters and not third party products, line suspension or termination will occur if there is excessive data usage from third-party devices or general internet usage.

Modems sold by eGauge systems are pre-configured for the T-Mobile service provided by eGauge and utilize InHand Networks device manager for remote troubleshooting and customer assistance.

Metered (not unlimited) data plans can accrue charges for data overages. eGauge recommends against using metered data plans without extensive testing for data usage. Data usage is not fully predictable and will greatly vary with interface access. See this article for additional information on data usage.

If installing in an underground or high electrical noise area, a custom antenna solution or separate mounting location for the cellular modem may be necessary in order to have sufficient cellular signal.


Inhand Networks IR615


Full specs (datasheet PDF)

Environmental and Operational

Hardware included

Assembly/installation information


The cellular antennas must be located on the outside of any enclosure. Even plastic enclosures can degrade or block a cellular signal.

  1. If the modem is ordered with a data plan, an activation instruction sheet will be included with a SIM card. Insert the SIM card into the modem as shown above, if there are multiple SIM card slots, use the one labeled "SIM 1". Follow the data plan activation instructions provided to activate the data plan.
  2. Locate a suitable location to install the cell modem. If installing in a Powered Enclosure Kit (PEK), mount on the DIN rail.
  3. If using the PEK or other suitable enclosure, use the 2x short SMA extension cables to connect from the ANT and AUX connectors on the modem to create a bulkhead connector on the enclosure.
  4. Connect the antennas to the bulkhead connectors on the enclosure, or directly to the cell modem if not using an enclosure.
  5. Connect the power cord to the cellular modem.
  6. Connect the eGauge meter via Ethernet to a LAN port on the modem.

Software configuration and troubleshooting

Modems provided by eGauge are pre-configured to work on the T-Mobile network using data plans provided by eGauge Systems.

The APN for plans provided by eGauge with the IR615 modem is iot.tmowholesale and is automatically set in the configuration files provided below.

If the modem is not functioning and configuration may have been modified after shipment, perform a factory reset and upload the eGauge-specific cellular configuration if using a dataplan provided by eGauge Systems.

LED indicator description

The modem has 3 signal LEDs to indicate signal strength:

1 LEDs: Signal strength 1-9 (Signal strength is weak, please check antenna and the signal strength of current location).
2 LEDs: Signal strength 10-19 (signal strength is adequate, and the modem can be used).
3 LEDs: Signal strength 20-31 (signal strong).

The other LED behavior is described below:


Factory Reset

  1. Power on the modem and allow it at least 60 seconds to fully start running. Locate the Reset button below the antenna connections and find a paperclip or pin to push the button.
  2. Use a push-pin or paperclip to hold down the "Reset" button on the side of the modem until the "STATUS" LED starts flashing and the "ERROR" LED remains solid, then release the button.
  3. When the button is released, the "ERROR" LED will turn off. Within 30 seconds, press and hold the "RESET" button again until the "ERROR" LED starts flashing and then release it.
  4. The unit will now restore factory default settings. The STATUS, WARN, and ERROR LEDs will all light up solid during the factory reset process. Allow the unit at least 60 seconds to fully factory reset, and then perform the initial configuration steps below.

Configuration steps

Modems provided by eGauge are pre-configured to work on the T-Mobile network using data plans provided by eGauge Systems.

  1. Identify the firmware version on the cell modem. On the bottom of the modem near the label is a sticker that indicates the firmware version. Below shows the modem uses firmware version 2.3.0.