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Installing Continental Control Systems Accu CTs

Like most ferrite core CTs, Accu CTs from Continental Control Systems (CCS) are prone to damage if dropped, struck, or closed aggressively. In order to avoid damage during installation, the CT should not be forced closed. This can cause chips or cracks in the ferrite core, which reduces the accuracy of the CT.

To prevent damage to CCS CTs, the tabs on either side of the hinged portion of the CT should be squeezed together. The CT can then be closed as normal. The image below shows the tabs. When the tabs are squeezed, the CT should close without applying significant pressure. Failure to follow this step can cause damage to the CT. This damage may not be readily visible.

Face the stickered end of the CT towards the item being measured (e.g., for Grid the sticker faces the utility meter, for a hot water heater the sticker faces the hot water heater, not the breaker feeding it).

CT tabs with light pressure applied (under the thumb and index finger)