How do I configure a static IP address?

If in doubt, a static IP address is most likely not required. eGauge support can assist with setting a static IP address, but cannot guarantee that the values used in that address are correct for the network. Please refer to the document below for additional information and step by step instructions.        

The eGauge by default comes configured for DHCP. If the eGauge is unable to obtain a DHCP address from the network, it will default to Thus, it is possible to connect to the eGauge directly from a laptop or computer. To do this, connect a computer to the eGauge via HomePlug or direct Ethernet, configure the computer with an IP address of, and direct a browser to to access the eGauge interface. More information on connecting directly is available here.  



A static IP address may be configured in Settings -> Network Settings. Default password information can be found in this knowledgebase article. The following example shows a device configured with an IP of

Every entry needs to be entered correctly for network functionality. Any Incorrect setting can disrupt all network traffic and make the eGauge inaccessible remotely and locally.

Other services such as BACnet can be disrupted if certain values such as the Broadcast address is incorrect.

The Network and broadcast address values can be calculated from the IP address and netmask, using a subnet calculator tool.


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