Why do I get the error "Sorry, you are not authorized to make this change"?

This occurs when the username and password entered is valid, but the eGauge doesn't accept those credentials for making changes. This will happen for one of two reasons: 

  • The user you authenticated as does not have privileges to save settings. You can see your privileges in Settings -> Access Control.
  • The user you authenticated as has privileges to change settings from the LAN only, and you are connecting over the proxy server (eg, http://egauge9999.egaug.es) or you are not on the same subnet. Click on LAN Access from the upper right-hand menu to connect directly to the eGauge. This will not work if you are on a different network or subnet.

If you need remote administration enabled so you do not have to go through LAN Access, you may enable it using eGuard Manager or submit a request to support@egauge.net with the device name (and MAC address if the device is not registered to you).


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